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Can Cropping Save An Image?

Synchronous Smoking.© Knut Skjærven.

I just want to direct you to a post written by Adam Marelli: Can Cropping Save An Image?

I asked a question on Facebook not long ago about which was generally better: a square crop or a rectangular crop?That question led to a discussion about The Golden Rectangle and its use in photography.

The discussion generated a lot of answers, but basically waters were divided. Some liked the mother, others preferred the daughter.

Adam Marelli asked me if he could do an analysis on the photos in question, and he has now publishes the first part of that analysis on his website. The last part of his analysis will be published Friday 6, 2011. Tomorrow.

For me this is a new way of looking at, and analyzing,  photographs. This stuff is groundbreaking even for many other photographers. The inspiration is, once again, French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. He followed strict, classical rules of composition in almost all of his shots. And he did that with great success, as we all know.

Enjoy Adam Marelli’s brilliant analysis. Have a good day.

Oh, the picture above is not the picture analyzed by Adam Marelli. Go see his post.


2 responses

  1. Hi Knut. I have just read Adam’s post – fascinating and illuminating, and certainly a new perspective for me. I crop my images quite a lot, but to a large extent intuitively – I tend to settle on the crop that ‘feels right’. Like your work,Adam’s post has made me think about my own photography, which can only be good.

    May 5, 2011 at 10:31 am

  2. Many thanks, Graham. These would just be my words. I always enjoy having new information. Meaning that it gives me an option to do things more ways :-).

    Have a good weekend.


    May 6, 2011 at 10:09 am

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