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The Stool Carrier

The Stool Carrier. © Knut Skjærven.

It has been a long time.

Yes, it has.

Why have you suddenly sent me this image? I thought we had a deal, that you should mail me when you were ready to continue the interview?

Yes, so was it, but things change and now I decided to sent you this image in stead? You can ask me questions if you want to. Or have the time. I recon you are pretty busy.

Questions, questions. Yes, I am rather … (thinking, and after a short while). Of course, I’ll be glad to. (More thinking). Well, then: Why have you sent me this image?

Because it is important.

Why do you find this image important. It is rather simple isn’t it?

It is important. Do you find it simple? I don’t find it simple at all. Are we looking at the same picture?

I look at the one you have sent me, the foreigner carrying a chair and then part of a window with two models. It that not you have sent me? Do you have a colour version, as well? By the way the image is unsharp.

Yes, it is, but if that is all your see then you see only a fraction of it. Look at all the things you don’t see. Yes, I have colour, but those are just for me. Unsharp is not important. Maybe it is even better.

How can I? See more?

That is up to you, but you need to learn it because many of my images are about what is not there. What is not in the picture. That is what I take pictures of, yes: What is not there. The image is just the beginning of a story that only you can tell. Maybe another day would be better for you?

Yes, please. Mail me.

I will.


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