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On Every Street (1)


This is the first video made from photographs within the barebones communication concept. It is not the last.

Barebonescommunication, which is the first blog and mother of the concept, was established in December 2007. Phenomenology and photography (this blog) is a continuation of that first blog, but dealing particularly with issues related to phenomenology and photography.

The original blog has a much wider scope. At that time the focus was not particularly on photography, but as I started adding pictures to all posts it just drifted that way.

You will find links to all barebones blogs at the the right hand side menu. Look under barebones’ blogs.

If you are a bit confused as to what this is all about I can recommend that you take a look at Pitstop Puzzle. There you will get a rough idea. You have to fill in the missing pieces yourself though. Or you could stay tuned to this blog.

Good luck with it.


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