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Bits & Pieces

The Mirror. © Knut Skjærven

Bits and Pieces. It could have been the title of this picture, but it’s not.

In stead it is the title of the next series of posts on this blog.

The story is this: Some time ago I was asked to do an interview by a well know American site for street photography. I was, of course, very honored wondering why they wanted to talk to me. I suggested  I could do a draft, could send it to them and they could basically do with it what they wanted. For instance ask other and extra questions. Or drop the whole thing.

I am not going to reveal all of it here. You will only get bits and pieces.

I have been thinking and I have been writing and I have been searching for images to go with the text as bits and pieces for that interview. On and off. I have to rewrite it a couple of times yet. I am late already.

This morning I go the idea of publishing bits and pieces of the draft. My idea was to end at about 10 pages including 10 pictures – for the interview that is. So far I am on page 21, so there should be some spareware text for a couple a couple of blog posts. If you are interested in reading some of this stuff you are more than welcome. If not, you are welcome too.

Bits and pieces coming up soon as just that: Bits and Pieces. Stay tuned.

Bits & Pieces: IntroductionThe SourcesPicturetaking or Photography; The Mission; Additional Movement; Reinvented Reality;


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