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The Lightness of Life: Prelude.

A Dog's Life. ©

A couple of months before Christmas 2011, Eric Kim, sent me a mail and asked if he could do an interview for his blog on street photography. I said, of course, you can. I am honoured. There are some similarities, he’s said, to what I see in some of your pictures and what I see from HCB. That was even a greater honour.

I said, let me draft it and you can pick and choose and ask additional questions.

I should never have said that, because it grew and grew, and I was on the verge letting the whole project drop. I could not get it finished.

After a while I asked Eric Kim if he still was interested? He said yes, and I completed the version I was on and shipped it to him. A couple of weeks later it was on. The interview was publishes earlier this year.

I have different versions of the interview. And it is rather extensive.

Some time has now passed from the first publishing on Eric Kim’s blog. I will publish the interview here as well. The latest version. Each chapter will get its own blog post and later I will connect them all.

I may change and add some of the images, and the text would be slightly different, as well.

The first post coming up shortly. This is only the prelude.

Good luck with the reading.


What About Henri Cartier – Bresson? The Lightness Of Life

(Links to all sections).

Prelude; The Lightness Of Life (1); The Lightness of Life (2 & 3); The Lightness of Life (4); The Lightness of Life (5); The Lightness of Life (6); The Lightness of Life (7); The Lightness of Life (8); The Lightness of Life (9); The Lightness of Life (10); The Lightness of Life (11).


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  1. Thanks for comment, Latoria.

    I am not quite sure what remarks you are referring to so I can’t give you any answer to the first question.

    Regarding the second question most of my activities are listed in the link section on this blog: http://therawmaterialeu.wordpress.com/

    Why do you want to follow it that closely, if I may ask you?

    Have a good day wherever you are :-).


    March 22, 2012 at 11:21 am

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