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The Lightness Of Life (11)

The Light. © Knut Skjærven

About The Light. The picture has nothing particular to do with the text below. It has been added to break the monotony of the page. It was not part of the original interview. 

And HCB taught you all this?

Hehe, no he did not, but he inspired some of it. And that is what photography is all about. Being inspired. Using HCB as a mentor is not such a bad idea. You should try it. Or try someone else. The point is that there is not that many out there that can be used for this. To me HCB is definitely the best. In fact, I know of no one else.

Give me one sentence: What is photography all about?

I could certainly try.

Photography is the engaged process, and end product, of deliberately or un-deliberately reinventing the world by the help of a camera in a way that is arresting, interesting, attractive –  and sometimes even amazing.

But it got to be good. The best of your ability. You must make an effort. I stick to the light side, as well, because photographic world depression does not take you anywhere.

That was one sentence PLUS. And if you now ask me whatever happened to the decisive moment, I have to tell you that it’s right in there. HCB would have known.

Thank you.


About Knut Skjærven.

 He started, he says, to take photography seriously in 2010 when he decided not only to burn pixels, but doing a project that lasted more than between coffees. He has stayed with it ever since.

From then on things went quickly. Knut runs and/or has initiated the following sites and projects: barebones communication (2007), Berlin Black and White (2010), Phenomenology and Photography (2010), Facebook Group On Every Street (2011), Facebook Group On Every Second Street (2011) and Facebook Group The Europeans (2011).

He was asked to test the new Leica D-Lux 5 for Leica (2011), and was interviewed by Leica shortly after.

He also does more academic writing like this article for Studia Universitatis (Romania) that was published in 2011 (see page 137). He holds two university degrees in communications, film and philosophy.

Knut has written two books and lots of articles. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. But he is Norwegian, he insists. He is a blogger, researcher and a photographer. His main project for 2012 will be The Europeans. See this site. Europe needs an updated photo album, he said.

So that is what he is going to make.


What About Henri Cartier – Bresson. The Lightness Of Life

(Links to all sections).

Prelude; The Lightness Of Life (1); The Lightness of Life (2 & 3); The Lightness of Life (4); The Lightness of Life (5); The Lightness of Life (6); The Lightness of Life (7); The Lightness of Life (8); The Lightness of Life (9);The Lightness of Life (10); The Lightness of Life (11).


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